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SF ACC - August 2 - 4 2019

2 Marina Blvd

Ft. Mason Pier

San Francisco, CA




phone / text: 707-964-4199
mailing address: p.o. box 931 Mendocino, CA 95460
email: use the form below

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All the prices on the site are based on a $1200.00 an ounce gold market and are subject to change. If gold is over $1300.00 there may be a price adjustment.

Payment options are: credit card using the shopping cart or if you prefer you can give me the number over the phone, or send a check or set up lay away, just give me a call at 707-964-4199.

I ship using UPS or Registered Mail, whichever works best for you.

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase please let me know within 5 days after the piece arrives and I’ll arrange return shipping; and a refund will be issued once the piece has arrived back in the studio, in it’s original condition. Custom work has a different return policy. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I look forward to hearing from you!





Resume             Cheryl Rydmark
                           April 1, 1953

Education          1978 - 1979    San Francisco State University
                           1975 - 1977    University of Minnesota
                           1973 - 1974    Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Interesting         1981-1982    Skywalker Art Glass  Ignacio, CA
Employment      1982-1983    VanCraeynest Inc.  San Francisco, CA

Teaching            Minnesota Center for the Arts  Minneapolis, MN
Experience         Metal Kitchen  New York, NY
                            Mendocino Art Center  Mendocino, CA
                            California College of the Arts  Oakland, CA 

Professional        Society of North American Goldsmiths
Organizations     American Crafts Council
                            Mendocino Art Center

                            1994  Metalsmith summer   “Recent Sightings”  “Simplicity That Speaks”
                            1995  Ornament  summer  “Theorems of the Sublime”

Collections         Wustum Museum  Racine, WI

Awards                1989      Excellence in Jewelry  American Crafts Council

Solo Exhibitions
            1994         Yaw Gallery  Birmingham, MI
            1996         Seven of Hearts  Susan Cummins Gallery  Mill Valley, CA
                             Yaw Gallery  Birmingham, MI
            1998         Partita  Susan Cummins Gallery  Mill Valley, CA
            2001        Elementa  Susan Cummins Gallery  Mill Valley, CA
                             New Work  Telluride Gallery of Fine Art  Telluride, CO
            2005        Beautiful Presence  Patina Gallery  Santa Fe, NM
            2009       Winter Garden  Telluride Gallery of Fine Art  Telluride, CO
            2012         New Work  Telluride Gallery of Fine Art  Telluride, CO

Group Shows
            1992        Tokyo Crafts Expo  Tokyo, Japan
            1993        The American Hand 50 Years of Craft  Minnesota Museum of Art
                            Works Gallery  Philadelphia, PA
            1994        In Celebration of Wedding  Joanne Rapp Gallery  Scottsdale, AZ
                            Works Gallery  Philadelphia, PA
                            Ring-Ear-Ring  Susan Cummins Gallery  Mill Valley, CA
            1995         Double Vision  Wustum Museum  Racine, WI
                            Works Gallery  Philadelphia, PA
                            DeNovo Gallery  Palo Alto, CA
            1996         Working Gold  Susan Cummins Gallery  Mill Valley, CA
            1997         Nancy Sachs Gallery  St. Louis, MO
            1999         Shadow of Memory  Susan Cummins Gallery  Mill Valley, CA
                            Works Gallery  Philadelphia, PA
            2000       Melting Point  Susan Cummins Gallery  Mill Valley, CA
            2001        101 Rings  Yaw Gallery  Birmingham, MI
                            Winter Light  Susan Cummins Gallery  Mill Valley, CA
            2003       The Art of Gold  Crocker Art Museum  Sacramento, CA
            2006       The Necklace Show  Velvet da Vinci  San Francisco, CA
            2007       The Earring Show  Velvet da Vinci  San Francisco, CA
                            Timeless Treasures  Walters Museum  Baltimore, MD
                            I. Wolk Gallery  St. Helena, CA
            2012        New Work  Telluride Gallery of Fine Art  Telluride, CO

            2013        White  Telluride Gallery of Fine Art  Telluride, CO

            2015        One of a Kind Jewelry Invitational  Telluride, CO

            2016        Precious Metals  Racine Museum of Art  Racine, WI
Contemporary Enamel  Shibumi Gallery  Berkeley, CA                     


SOFA Shows
            1993 - 2001      Yaw Gallery  Birmingham, MI
            1993 & 2010     Works Gallery  Philadelphia, PA
            2001 - 2002     Susan Cummins Gallery  Mill Valley, CA
            2002 - 2013      William Zimmer Gallery  Mendocino, CA